_Boosting Ratings and CSAT in E-commerce Communication

A Quirky Approach to Boosting Ratings and CSAT in E-commerce Communication

Navigating auto tech, edutech, and e-commerce landscapes, HRH Next shines as a transformative force. Focused on e-commerce, our case study delves into a millennial-oriented fashion brand’s journey, showcasing HRH Next’s adeptness in infusing quirkiness into communication strategies, elevating customer satisfaction and ratings.

Brand Overview

The brand is an exclusive online fashion and lifestyle E-commerce company catering to a millennial audience. It offers a fashionable array of clothing focused on vibrant and joyful patterns.


The initial approach of using plain and direct email responses resulted in low ratings and a significant contribution to dissatisfaction (DSAT) among customers. The target audience did not resonate with the straightforward email communication, and it did not align with the brand’s vibrant identity.


The objective was to enhance engagement by infusing quirky and youthful elements into the email responses. This approach aimed to increase rating responses and contribute to higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by aligning with the brand’s lively essence.


  • Refinement of Email Replies: Emails were refined to include a touch of quirkiness, representing the youthful essence of the brand. 
  • Problem Categories Identification: Five problem categories (identified as top email drivers) with low-rating responses were selected, averaging 6 for each category.
  • CSAT Improvement Strategy: The average CSAT for these five problem categories was initially recorded at 61% in August.


  • Rating Response Improvement: The average rating response surged from 6 in August to 8 by mid-September.
  • CSAT Enhancement: The average CSAT for the five identified categories escalated from 61% in August to 100% by mid-September, showcasing a significant improvement in customer satisfaction within the specified timeframe.

In conclusion, HRH Next’s innovative approach to infusing quirkiness into e-commerce communication for a millennial-oriented fashion brand has proven to be a game-changer. Addressing the challenge of low ratings and dissatisfaction, the refined email responses not only elevated the average rating response from 6 to 8 but also achieved a remarkable 100% CSAT for the identified categories. This strategic shift showcased HRH Next’s prowess in aligning communication strategies with the brand’s vibrant identity, resulting in heightened engagement and satisfaction within a short timeframe. The case study encapsulates how a quirky touch can be a potent tool in elevating customer satisfaction and ratings in the dynamic landscape of e-commerce.

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