Connecting your customers seamlessly, anytime, anywhere - with our Omnichannel Contact Center

The goal of omnichannel contact center service is to provide a seamless and consistent experience for the customer, regardless of the channel they choose to use. Organizations can reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and responsiveness, and provide better customer support by utilizing this service. Being a leading Omnichannel Contact Center, we offer a wide range of advantages such as customer data consolidation, more consistent and effective customer experience across channels, streamlined communication with customers, and improved customer service.

Omnichannel Customer Services

Voice Support
  • Multi-Lingual Customer Engagement Services
  • State of the Art ACD/IVR deployment
  • Clear and concise dashboards on Agent Performance
Email Support
  • Rigorous Training on handling & responding to Email Queries
  • Seamlessly convert Customer inquiries from Email into support tickets
  • Clear and concise dashboards on Agent Performance
SMS & Missed Call Support
  • Generate a unique short code or dedicated missed call number for your company/brand
  • Automate a customer a call in real time when they text on a short code or give a missed call
  • Create a direct link with your customers in the medium they are most comfortable with
Chat Support
  • Seamlessly route Customer inquiries from Chat into support tickets
  • Engaging your Customers on your website with Chat Sessions
  • QA team to ensure performance and adherence to your script
Toll Free Assist Services
  • Order Taking and Dispatch
  • Customer Complaints and Resolution
  • Technical Support / Help Desk
Social Media Monitoring
  • Creation of a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to the customer’s specific needs and goals.
  • Monitoring online conversations and responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Developing and executing effective strategies for paid social media advertising.

What makes Omnichannel Customer Experience beneficial?

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